Deb and Wendy, the Wellness Shifter Ladies, have studied and experienced a multitude of techniques and therapies in both conventional and complementary medicine and healing.

In the Integrated Lifestyle BLOGS, they bring you current holistic, but realistic information, plus practical recommendations.

Their intention is to inspire you to take small steps that will lead to quantum shifts–improving your health, connectedness, energy, environment, and level of functioning.

Deb Brothers-Klezmer is a Board Certified Registered Nurse in both Rehabilitation and Pain Management.  She has been a practicing Registered Nurse since 1979.  She began at St. Luke’s Medical Center in Illinois.  She has worked in various settings including women’s health, psychiatry, home health,, rehabilitation, and integrative medicine.  Currently she specializes in inflammology, mind/body medicine, lifestyle medical coaching, low level laser therapy, cranial sacral therapy and other manual therapies.

Deb is the primary operator of DBK Nursing, LLC in Stoughton, MA  which focuses on pain management, manual therapies, mind-body techniques and Quality of Life issues.  She is available for private sessions.  She is also a Pain Nurse Specialist in the Musculoskeletal Department at Dedham Medical Associates (Atrius Health) in Dedham, MA.  Deb and Wendy worked together as colleagues and co-teachers at the former Marino Center for Integrative Health, Wellesley, MA.

Contact information for Deb:

Email at:  deb@debklezmer.com  or Call at 781-775-6183, or 781-329-1400, ext 1174.  Also feel free to send a message to her on LinkedIn.


Wendy Midgley is a Registered Dietitian, Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist, Certified Diabetes Educator and Teacher.  Her original training was through Tufts-New England Medical Center, Boston.  She began her professional career at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston.  Wendy specializes in: healthy weight management, diabetes and insulin resistance, heart health, immune system and inflammatory issues, gastrointestinal health, food allergies and food sensitivities.  Her approach draws from the Functional Medicine perspective.  She is available for private Nutrition Consultation and Counseling, Diabetes Education, Coaching, Classes, and Supermarket Tours.

She is currently a Nutrition Consultant and Diabetes Educator at The Webster Medical Center in Webster, MA.  She also teaches nutrition classes for the City of Worcester, MA.  Wendy and Deb worked together as colleagues and co-teachers at the former Marino Center for Integrative Health,  Wellesley, MA.

Contact Information for Wendy:

Email at:  wrmidgley1@verizon.net   or Call at 508-615-3937

We wish you vibrant health and well-being!!

Deb and Wendy

The Wellness Shifter Ladies!!


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